Wasit is a study to expand the financial resources

13/7/2016 12:00 am

Alcott Shahid Hassan Al-Azzawi

Wasit governorate study prepared to maximize their resources within the short term plan to sustain some vital sectors especially SOA, with greater execution began a campaign to raise the excesses in Kut.

Improve services

Wasit Governor associate engineer Nabil Shammah said permission for "morning" that the study prepared in cooperation with the municipal services, water and sanitation, was discussed during a meeting held at the Town Hall chaired by conservative Conservative MPs attended Saidi owner Adel alzorkani and Rachid budeiri and members of the provincial Council and a number of SOA services directors and related parties.

The meeting touched on several topics, including maximizing the resources of the province and finding solutions to some of the problems afflicting the service side in cooperation with strengthening governance (offering) to the international development agency, on the sidelines of the meeting examined the portfolios of paper with SOA services managers and the relevant authorities to find solutions that are required to improve the service actually.

sniff transfer about Saidi during the meeting emphasis circuit managers improve reality services despite financial challenges, as well as develop solid waste collection mechanism and clarify the most important Challenges and constraints to the respective Chamber and tracking solutions electronically, while stressing the importance of field visits and their impact in promoting the service side.

He explained that strengthening governance team (progress) explain the stages of performance improvement plans to improve services and view detailed short and long term solutions in this regard, this team to assist local governments to transfer powers to the provinces and lifting capacity and skills in accordance with global expertise in the process of developing the service side.

In turn, the Deputy Governor of Basra engineer Adel alzerkani for "morning" that the meeting included discussing ways to find alternative resources and mechanisms to ensure the implementation of the stalled projects walstratigih and set up a schedule and create conditions for companies which will be tasked with implementing a number of projects reluctant.

He explained that the Governor decided to resort to the method of payment the term for implementation of projects stalled amid the financial crisis, stressing the continuation of efforts to find a way out of this crisis and attract investment companies and offer all the facilities needed for their work.

Raising campaign excesses

In Basra, too, present situation said Alcott Hamid khozaim for "morning" initiate more campaign to raise abuses on State property and public roads in collaboration with professional staffs working in the municipality of Alcott and security authorities, proceeding daily from 8 p.m. until after midnight, to attend the second Joint Committee of alkaemmkamih and legal representative of the Town Council and another to keep adding to the cleaners.

He pointed out that the campaign included raising abuses occurring by shopkeepers exceeding on public streets and sidewalks and warning markets families constructed houses or stalls on land owned by the State. As he drew to record abuses by some citizens included building role in green spaces or in areas dedicated to agriculture, so it has been alerted to remove and lawsuits against them, asserting that there is coordination between the Municipal Council and municipal staff to begin clean up campaign starting from 11:00 p.m. in order not to influence the work of other departments.