The challenges of development in the success of the Iraqi economy

7/13/2016 0:00

Ali Hassan al - Fawwaz

bet on improving economic growth rates in Iraq may be difficult, but not impossible, despite the damage done to the economy because of falling oil prices, and the circumstances of the war against terrorism, the nature of the economic gender rentier, there remains a lot of hopes to restore confidence in this economy to exceed many of its obstacles and Akdh.alrhan on this fact may intersects been pointed out by many officials at the World Bank recently, they pointed out that the economic growth of countries in conflict and crises such as Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Libya , the rates will not improve soon, but- and talk about the Iraqi economy - be able to find reasons to be recovered economical active while aware of the reasons for this (failure) and establishes steps beyond which its fragility, on the face of the level of corruption, and on the level of re - structural construction , financial and investment banking. The World Bank report indicates givens in Iraq in accordance with the nature of the challenges, nature descriptive of its economy rentier, continuation of violence and the need for the military and security establishment of the financial costs gives an impression of the scale of the problems faced by the federal budget.

The instability of oil prices puts any realistic planning outside accounts, though this the indicators for growth in gross domestic product will rise to the Iraqi borders of 5.6 percent over the next year , compared with a rise to 4.3 percent during the year current.

This is part of the public perception about the nature of economic growth that Iraq faces, and many developing countries, especially those that suffer from structural problems deep, some related to the economic recession and weak energies export interest to them, others about the risks of international political problems and conflicts and crises, which are reflected in one way or another manifestations of economic Altnmyat, and its ability to confront the deficit challenges, and perhaps the problems that are related to the market and the systems of industry and trade, agriculture, put the Iraqi economy in front of many held in deformities complicated, since such systems lost much of their eligibility, and thus made ​​the Iraqi economy (importing ones) with distinction and Bklv big drain a lot of the budget of the Federal.

economic disciple talk about Mayaanih Iraq of problems in economic growth, and the dangers of the economic deficit newly open will remain, and the companion course ups and downs of oil prices, and the possibility of improving the investment's management, it's been far from serious processors and realism, which is indicated by the economic expert on behalf of Jamil, the absence of these treatments, because they are far from having protectionist legislation for investors, and clarify the nature of the banking system, which is what made ​​the World Bank classifies Iraq within the last countries in the investment field.

The proportion of the deficit faced by Iraq as defined by the World Bank have reached 14.5 percent in 2015, due to low oil prices, due to the nature of the security challenges faced by Iraq in its war against «Daash», despite the fact that corruption and money laundering and mismanagement posing risks of not less important than terrorism «Aldaasha», as well as economic planning failed in the institutional structures that suffer from failures and sagging serious rehabilitation knot exceeded, especially Maitalq sectors as important as water, electricity and housing services, as well as what will be added with the burdens related to inflation displaced from cities because of terrorism «Aldaasha crimes», as well as Maittalbh the reconstruction of liberated cities from terrorism than financial benefits, estimated by the World Bank up to 362 to 443 million dollars ..

the vessels of the problems that the use of the international Monetary fund to borrow gambling policy will not solve the problem in the long term, and to the extent that these loans up Akiemha to $ 14 billion will contribute to the topical problems of entitlements war on «Daash», stimulating some economic sectors and pay some debts owed ​​processors, but it will be a burden in the future, if oil prices remain in the volatility, which is what should be aware of the seriousness of the Iraqi government, and seek to find real treatments for these serious problems, through the development of short - term and long - Alstratejah- Mady- plans relating to the revitalization of the economy is rings rentier.

Through the reorganization of the investment policies and on according to create a suitable environment for attracting investors and capital, as well as the revitalization of the tourism economy in all religious and cultural levels, and pay particular attention to the marshes file as part of the human heritage, because it will be a space important to stimulate tourism investment, which means securing the existence of policies, legislation and mechanisms action counterpart accommodate this horizon and deal positively with the entitlements.