Economic data and turns Reform

Author: Yasser incumbent

7/13/2016 0:00

The government plans to conduct serious economic reforms and prepare its ministries pegs for the tent reforms, this axiom does not bother heading off but the need arises mention it here to illustrate the dilemma between the data and turns.

One example Sasrdh to be a model of logical analysis of the challenges and the dilemma of the reforms, the agricultural sector target within the reform package as a shovel in activate the productive sectors aimed to address the unemployment crisis , on the one hand and to achieve security Algmaya on the other hand, reduce dependence on imports to ensure local capital cycle and do not waste hard currency.

data the government in supporting the agricultural sector and reform consisted allocating vast proportion of development loans , which shared equally with the industrial sector of its requirements move sphenoid government, namely the Ministries of Agriculture and water resources to support and ensure the success of the objectives of these loans, let us note what happened , or check?

in a news item appeared in the Sail media and satellite channels that, the Ministry of Agriculture decided to ban the cultivation of rice , Ğriceğ due to the lack of sufficient water rations needed for this crop strategic, very sound decision which is keen to preserve the dwindling water resources.

but I find it a turn hampering strategic government in adopting the agricultural sector reform where the problem here?
past decade and a half to change and we complain about the diminishing water resources , a problem that the riparian states, but you it leaves unaddressed?

between the year in the country is exposed to the fall of dense rain and even flash floods washed away the soil in some Almnazq question was it not possible to take advantage of this blessing? It did not move wedges to set up projects and the cost of the simplest water harvesting experience.