Karbala announces digging a trench along the Western Sahara with Anbar

Karbala Provincial Council announced on Tuesday that the local government plans to dig a trench along the administrative border of the West hand with desert province of Anbar , to prevent bombs wheels.
The head of the provincial council Nassif Jassem Khattabi said in a statement, said that "Karbala 's security and its citizens above all other considerations and that we are determined in coordination with the leadership of the operations of the Middle Euphrates and the leadership of Karbala , police and the secretariats of the two thresholds Husseinia and Abbasid establishment of a ditch to keep the western side of the desert - with Anbar- who proved in several times that is very effective in addressing the terrorist gangs, especially when the vast desert borders the western side Alnisemeh and roads that can not be controlled through the checkpoints to the very large number. "
He added that "explosives detection device [sonar ID] proved to be colorless efficiency device and we discussed that in several meetings with either the prime minister or the interior minister since proved his palaces in the car bombs that go into maintaining detect and often undetected by intelligence effort or through sniffer dogs k9 ".
He rhetorical, that " the Interior Ministry has allocated one fifth wheels advanced examination to the province and we are demanded to secure the two - wheel another two entrances to the province , but the ministry did not agree with that attributed the reason Baanaaj these wheels infrastructure and private."
He continued , "we are in the provincial council allocated an initial sum of 50 million dinars for the completion of infrastructure Altanbh for this and that the wheels there is an important and fast and continuous action with the Karbala police headquarters and the Ministry of Interior in order to speed set these wheels, especially after obtaining the provincial council approval for the allocation of imports of the province for the next three months , to support the sectors of health security in order to sustain security in Karbala, including the infrastructure for the new wheels complete the examination. "