Tony Blair, or Saddam Hussein?

Hazem Saghieh
Tony Blair was politically bad and corrupt leader. It is, as explained Chilcot report, co-led war based on lies and abuse laws, and is preparing for the next day, and rescued Velaa George W. Bush «regardless of what that». This is true and the other, which is what the report came to dedicate and cut it and turns it a lesson for the future, including purifies British political life and international relations, even if I have not tried the perpetrator Blair. Here the function of the report. The reception for the Arab Chilcot and results came acquitted of the same exquisite and sectarian inflicted on Iraq is inflicted, before the war, Blair - Bush's and beyond. This is because the Arabic novel implicit, sometimes stated, that it was not possible to better than he was that Blair and George W. came and destroyed Iraq. And what is no doubt that Bush and Blair's Iraq war has increased in ruins, and completed the demolition and unloading two Bdohma siege before her, also weakened the country's ability to reform as a respected international Skhvt meanings such as law and democracy. However, considering the cause of the Iraqi war, ruin and thus expressed Khravcan Tidtan in the Arab political thought: The first is that tyranny (Saddam is) not in ruins, and the second that it is sufficient for an Arab system that can stand in the face of an external party (Iran, Israel or ...) to prepare a healthy and strong, and Saddam's regime made it. In another language, what did Bush and Blair war they quoted the Iraqi disaster, the worst roads, latency to the public. When not keep all of this, however, Blair and Bush destroyed Iraq and the couple had «Daash», it means serious facts: First, and as long as that Iraq was well under Saddam, there is no meaning for all that has been said and written about the tyranny and its role in Tvsakh national fabric. This evidence that there was a strong state (as they were powerful state Hafez al-Assad) constitute «the eastern gate of the Arab nation in the face of Iran» (as formed state-Assad «Castle steadfastness in the face of Israel»). The policy is disabled and one-party rule and the cult of Saddam's torture cellars and conditions opponents Kurds and conditions Almqsofin chemotherapy and the series of costly wars ..., we all do not reflect any weakness in the Iraqi configuration. Here, we take over, once again, the external perception of the strengths and weaknesses, and health and well-being, and it seems that when we recognize the responsibility of the Interior Trakipna not be doing is raising the lintel or appeasement in lost time. The second, and as long as the war is that spawned «Daash», and the reason that abbreviated other reasons, there is no meaning at all for all that has been said and written about the persecution and torture, and the crisis of the tribal structure in modern times, and the importance of religious reform, and the history of «Al-Qaeda» the former on the 2003 war. , and the Arab regimes impunity, corruption and waste of resources at the expense of available development opportunities, and the presence of «Daash» in countries not exposed to war American - British ... The fact that the problem, which is exacerbated by the war, do not start the war itself. It starts Department unlocked allowed to sent to be judged 35 years, without that appears in the Iraqi horizon suggests obtaining an internal change successful. That closing is what tempts obsessed Kpoh and impostor Kplar breaking the circuit and make the highest levels of fame and influence Bozhd Aloclav. And all of this is a big relief from thinking the prime minister, former British, who assured us that American hostility to the West was and remains the safest position that events do not come only to prove authenticity. And became one of us in a position to say, mimicking Bustami and Hallaj, «Sobhani what the greatest Shani», before they kill barrel drop in the elder brother of Arabism, or slaughter knife younger brother in Islam.