Israel recognizes a law designed to restrict human rights organizations and opposition

Israel approved on Monday a law critics say is aimed at human rights organizations critical of Israeli policies pursued by right - wing government , while his supporters believed that a strike against outside interference in the affairs of their country.
She described the Israeli Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked sponsors of the law as a "project transparency law" and said it would require from the civil society organizations give details of foreign donations if more than half of its funding comes from governments or external bodies such as the European Union. And it raised the United States and the European Union fears in public and secret about the legislation, which passed the third and final reading a stormy session of parliament in support of 57 to 48. Critics say that the law is discriminatory because it targets primarily organizations that oppose the Israeli government's policies towards the Palestinians which organizations that receive money from foreign governments and the European Union. Opposition leader Yitzhak Herzog of the Zionist Federation of Journalists party hours before the vote, "the law of civil society organizations ... more semantic than anything on the fascism that creeps into Israeli society."
The bill does not mention coming from abroad for funds, such as funds that are donated to organizations that support an Israeli Jewish settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories. Israeli Peace Now movement said in a statement, "It is the primary objective of the law to silence anyone who dares to speak out criticism of the government or opposition to the settlements." And omitted from the final version of the bill was a clause that would oblige supporters pressure groups, civil society organizations affected by the new rules put certain identifiable badges with names during a visit by the legislature. In his defense of the law as a "legal and necessary," Netanyahu seemed to allude to the financial support for the Israeli foreign groups supports the establishment of a Palestinian state. Netanyahu addressed the members of the Likud Party earlier this year was held comparisons with the Spanish Basque Country, which used many of the separatist movements in which a peaceful or violent methods to promote their cause. He said, "Try to imagine Israel funded organizations seeking independence for the Basque Country." In Israel, more than 30 thousand licensed civil society organization working actively half. And it treats about 70 such organizations with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and receives funding from both the European Union Ktktl or from the governments of its member countries, including Denmark, Sweden, Belgium and Norway, a non-member country of the European Union. Shaked told Reuters on Monday: "I expect that the states .. trying to influence Israel in the diplomatic track and not to pay millions of dollars or euros to non-governmental organizations are always trying to promote to see it."