Kurdish blocs will take part in the Iraqi Council of Representatives

2016-07-12 02:59:30 | (Voice of Iraq) - Erbil

Announced Kurdish blocs in the Iraqi parliament, on Monday, returning to Baghdad to take part in parliamentary sessions scheduled for tomorrow Tuesday.

Iraqi parliament begins on Tuesday the new legislative term, where he will discuss in the meeting tomorrow bombing that hit the Karrada district and killed 292 people.

A member of the Iraqi parliament from the Islamic Union, Muthana Amin, in a statement , "All of Kurdish blocs will return to Baghdad, in the evening of that day, to participate on Tuesday in the Iraqi Council of Representatives."

He said Amin, "I think that a quorum will be completed within the Iraqi parliament , even in the case of non - participation of the Kurds in the scheduled meetings, so I find it necessary to share the Kurds to be close to what is going on inside the Parliament, but if a quorum for the convening of the parliament session is not complete , but with the participation of the Kurds, the best that we use this as a pressure on others in favor of the Kurds. "

In the same context , he said a member of the Iraqi parliament from the Kurdistan Democratic Party bloc, Khosro Goran, in a statement , "will go all the Kurdish blocs this evening Monday to the Iraqi capital , Baghdad, to participate in the Iraqi Council of Representatives on Tuesday, and not just the Kurds .. but will participate All other political parties tomorrow in parliament sessions to complete the quorum for the meeting. "