Najafi: Battle of Mosul , the largest and most dangerous of the battle of Fallujah
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Thread: Najafi: Battle of Mosul , the largest and most dangerous of the battle of Fallujah

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    Najafi: Battle of Mosul , the largest and most dangerous of the battle of Fallujah

    Najafi: Battle of Mosul , the largest and most dangerous of the battle of Fallujah

    2016-07-11 23:32:19 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

    The president of the coalition are united Osama Najafi, on Monday, the battle of Mosul , " the largest and most dangerous" of the battle of Fallujah, calling for the need that is not confined to the preparations for the battle on the military side only, while noting that the results of the investigation into the crimes of Karrada, Saqlawiya still absent.

    Nujaifi said in a statement issued today, on the sidelines of a meeting with a representative of the Secretary - General of the United Nations in Iraq , Jan Kubiš The United Nations is invited to "exert maximum efforts in order to inform the donor countries in Washington Conference deeply the need to support the displaced people and the reconstruction of what was destroyed , " asserting that " the United Nations has an important role in helping Iraq, especially in these circumstances. "

    Najafi said that " the political situation in Iraq is still suffering from bottlenecks reflected on the House of Representatives and the government and leave non - positive effects on the performance required, there are cracks between the parties to the political process and the predominance of the militias that act outside the law and outside the country contexts, which are things that should be addressed in the light of understanding national transcend narrow interests. "

    He continued that " the victories that have been achieved in Fallujah and large Qayyarah not flawed victory , but violations associated with , as there are crimes tablespoons, namely the bombing of Karrada that killed hundreds of innocent citizens and the crime Saqlawiyah implemented militias targeted the 700 citizen , " pointing out that " the results of the investigation into the crimes that It remains absent and there are claims to be the international community 's role in helping to uncover the perpetrators and bring them to justice. "

    He pointed out that " the battle of Mosul awaited differ from the battle of Fallujah , for various reasons, The battle of Fallujah successful battle marred by violations and the actions of some factions of the popular crowd, but the battle to liberate Mosul is the largest and most dangerous, for this requires to be preparations and preparations is limited to only the military side , and there should be political action before the start of the battle , "stressing the need to " reassure the people of the province about the quality of the liberated forces and answer about the situation that will follow Daash and the creation of humanitarian supplies to the wave of massive displacement expected during the battle, which is still simple or no stage. "

    He said Najafi that "real readiness requires that preceded effort to send reassuring messages include the right of the people of Nineveh in the political choices and including the right to establish a multi - provincial region, and also we should work and cooperate to solve existing between Nineveh components problems and prevent any clash religious or ideological or national of during the preparation of joint forces comprising children of all components and establish the rule of law and justice , "pointing to the importance of that" are listening to the will of Nineveh, her voice not sharing the popular crowd at the battle of liberation for the reasons that have long repeated by people of the province in their quest to not be given any chance sectarian exploitation or implementation agendas do not in the interest of true citizenship. "

    For his part, Kubiš said that " the United Nations through its organizations and formations condemned the violations and actions made ​​by some factions of the popular crowd, especially the human rights organization, and is determined to continue its efforts to serve Iraq and hasten the victory to organize Daash terrorist," according to the statement.

    Iraqi security forces have been backed by the popular crowd and the sons of the tribes battle against al "Daash to " liberate the Iraqi territories, while those forces managed to recent liberalization of Fallujah , one of the most important strongholds of the organization and is now poised to enter the city of Mosul and freed from the elements.

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