Reform: tomorrow 's meeting agenda work will be limited to discussion of security breaches and to compensate those affected

2016-07-12 00:45:14 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Front parliamentary reform confirmed, Monday, that tomorrow 's meeting agenda will be limited to discussion of security breaches and compensation for those affected, as demanded to hold accountable all officials who were involved fomenting sectarian strife.

The MILF spokesman Haitham al - Jubouri, said in a statement that "because of the sensitive and critical moments of the situation and the events of the tragic painful shrug their consciences and chilling and shook her world in all directions, which suffered from the repercussions of our people and patient and Ovaoua for the blood of the martyrs and to coincide with the big victories of our army and our security and heroes of the crowd popular clans precious sons and to guide parliamentary and government effort to address those situations without bifurcation minor things that can be deferred to later, the Front decided to reform when added today that the agenda of the Council only tomorrow to discuss the Karrada explosions and recent security breaches. "

He stressed Jubouri the need " to compensate those affected immediately and open a professional investigation specialists to uncover the circumstances of the incident and not only miserable issued by the Ministry of Interior as well as the cause of the reasons for the delay in the Presidency of the Republic to ratify the Law amending the Procedure Law and the need to speed up the implementation of judicial rulings for the execution of the terrorists of the report , " calling to "hold negligent of all security leaders and activated the National security Council to speed up the vote and approval of the anti - terrorism device law obliging the Council to lift the immunity of parliamentarians and accountable all officials who were involved fomenting sectarian strife or have incited to terrorism or supporting any terrorist organization."

He stressed the need to "confiscation of terrorist funds movable and immovable property and to criminalize sectarian media or social networking pages of supporting terrorism and promoter of strife and sectarianism and to hold working it , " reiterated " the commitment Bmguet quotas and sectarian renunciation Snzdad determination and a determination to defend the rights of the Iraqi people and save his dignity, unity and future ".

The Parliament Speaker Salim al - Jubouri announced, on Sunday, that 's Karrada incident will be on the top agenda of the meeting, on Tuesday.