Sadr calls for demonstration exit "dignified" in Tahrir Square next Friday

2016-07-11 15:35:51 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Called Sadrist leader Muqtada al - Sadr, on Monday, "patriots" to exit demonstration "majestic" in Tahrir Square on Friday "to remove the corruption and injustice , " and the dismissal of all the corrupt, stressing that the demonstration without names or images or slogans "Do not sing patriotism "asserting that the survival of corruption and corrupt means survival shed" terrorism "on the Iraqis.

Sadr said in a statement issued today, said that "our beloved Iraq is going through a critical juncture requires us real and serious stand to save him from his ordeal , " he said , adding that he "instructed the Mujahideen lepers rows and wearing shrouds hearts to push the threat of terrorism in the surveys Jihad, and they have spared no effort Arkas did not fall short of blood for the holy sites , in order to defend the people. "

He said al- Sadr that "terrorism is not the only enemy , " noting , " As we take up arms in jihad surveys must we have to hold the highest levels of the national spirit to raise our voices and our demands by pretending for real and effective reform."

, Cds chest that " the survival of corruption and corrupt means shed terror on us, where he was the first incubator to him will be the incubator for its continuation inevitable", stressing said , "I have a loyal and faithful Iraqi issue and the project reformist pure for God in all civilian and Islamic affiliation and other cooperation to come up demonstration imposing to save the nation and in order not to go Iraqi blood shed in all parts of Iraq , especially in the Karrada and country vain and without the expense and pain to go away corruption and injustice. "

Sadr called on what he described as "patriots everywhere", that "leap in the- way This In Saankm Tahrir Square gift one people and without pictures or slogans do not sing homeland to remove the nightmare and the specter of corruption and in support of our military hero and consolation for the blood of our innocent martyrs , demanding the resignation of all the corrupt and negligent in every files, ministries and all positions not Ttrajawa will not kneel except to God. "

He said al- Sadr , "all under the title of " patriotism "Enough bowing and Eila ... Today rob our rights and our jihad because of a handful of corrupt Gel concerned with installing the chair is not only non - sensitive people nor blood pure and not for a living ... but Fbaada of corrupt terrorists and victorious reformers that God willing , "he described.