Hakim: Thanks to a fatwa by Ayatollah Sistani liberated large parts of Iraq

The head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq Ammar al - Hakim , a fatwa cleric Ayatollah Ali al - Sistani in jihad and said that thanks to this fatwa was liberated large parts of Iraqi territory, describing his country as the conditions much better than before.
Said Mr. Ammar al - Hakim, during a meeting with religious authority , Ayatollah Hussein Nuri Hamdani on Sunday, in the city of Qom, that the challenges in Iraq requires some explanation and gain positions of the religious authorities.
He considered entering the organization Daash to Iraq two years ago that he exacerbated the problems.
He continued: Daash organization was in the process of destroying the political structure in Iraq incursion elements of this terrorist organization quickly in the territory of the country two years ago and seized about 40 percent of its territory , but the response of the people they stopped their progress.
He noted progress elements of al - Daash to the outskirts of the Iraqi capital Baghdad, pointing out that the advisory opinion of the religious authority , Ayatollah al - Sistani and then the establishment of the popular crowd groups contributed greatly to halt the progress of the elements of Daash as the morale of the military forces rose to confront this terrorist organization.
He said head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq to reorganize the Iraqi forces after the fatwa by Ayatollah Sistani, explaining that after the fatwa was restored large parts of Iraqi territory, describing the circumstances of the country today it 's much better than it was previously.
He pointed to the current situation and developments in Iraq, he said that and some nearby areas , including the city of Mosul are still fist Daash where Iraqi forces are struggling to restore.
He said that the recent incidents in the city of Medina and Istanbul as a model for practices Daash efforts to infuse panic and fear among the international community.