Salahuddin Governor: investigative committees blew Seyed Mohammad will unveil several Khvaya

Said Salahuddin Ahmed Abdullah al - Jubouri, Monday province, said the investigative committees incident of the bombing of the shrine , "Syed Mohammad" in Balad , "will reveal several Khvaya", noting that this crime "will not pass without accountability for negligence."
Jubouri said in a statement issued on the sidelines of a meeting with the security committees in the province, " The meeting discussed the most important issues concerning the security situation, especially the recent events that have occurred in the city of Balad after terrorist bombings that killed dozens , " noting that "we and our face security committees to activate its role and follow - up work security services and develop plans capable of deterring terrorism and defeat it . "
He said al - Jubouri, that " the country of a crime will not pass without accountability for negligence , " pointing out that " the investigative committee will reveal Khvaya several Snmzk terrorism unit clans that have proved their loyalty to Iraq and his land."