Hajj Commission announces companies that contracted with them to feed pilgrims

It announced that the Higher Committee for Haj and Umrah, Monday, all complemented by contracting with a private sober and distinct companies providing meals to Iraqi pilgrims in the Holy Land.
A spokesman for the Authority Hassan Fahad Al- Kanani said in a statement, said that " the Commission ended all preparations related to the provision of the best kinds of food to pilgrims under the supervision of qualified cooks Iraqis Makhltv provinces to take into account the health status of the elderly and the taste and flavor of Iraq."
He said Kanani, said that " the Commission has contracted with regional company for food processing in Medina and one of the best companies in Saudi Arabia, where will this company to provide meals for Iraqi pilgrims throughout the duration of their stay in Medina, as well as convoys of pilgrims dry meals processing , during the departure of the city Almnorhaly Mecca. "
He noted that " the Commission also contracted with companies (breezes town, El Gouna, and kitchens and restaurants islands) in Mecca, which is one of the companies sober for the processing of convoys of Iraqi pilgrims finest kinds of food, soft drinks, juices and mineral water, as well as providing hot and dry rations through the level of Arafa day emotions Holy to enable pilgrims to perform Fraidahm the best image. "
Between Kanani that " the list of diets that will be distributed to the pilgrims in the Holy Land include Ajodanwaa meat, chicken, fruits and vegetables and breakfasts, and other equipment, as it will be the distribution process under the supervision of catering staff in the Commission during the Hajj season and until the return of another convoy of pilgrims to the homeland."