Iran cut oil prices to customers of Asia and the Mediterranean in August

Iran has reduced prices of oil sales to customers in Asia and the Mediterranean and the port , "Mr. Krier , " Masri in August / August in a continuing effort to regain market share in those regions after the lifting of the ban that was imposed on Tehran.

And he recorded the Iran sales member of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) , the highest level in four and a half years in June, representing nearly double the size of its oil sales compared with December / December after it was lifting the ban on exports of crude in January.

And downwards in crude prices has attracted Iran as new customers in countries such as Poland and spurred increased demand from existing buyers in Asia.

And identified the National Iranian Oil Company official selling Iranian Light crude to buyers in Asia , the price at 45 cents a barrel above the average Oman and Dubai crude prices for the month of August / August , down 40 cents from the previous month, a source in the sector said on knowledge of the subject on Monday.

Iranian heavy crude and kept the price difference between it and the Saudi Arabian crude average discount of 25 cents a barrel from the recent price, while the price of light crude without Vuruzan Arabian crude price by five cents a barrel , as shown by the prices.

The northwest region of Europe the only region that recorded a rise in the price of Iranian crude in August / August.