Hezbollah: suicide bombings in Saudi Arabia Riyadh proves error in the classification of the party as "terrorist"

Nabil Kaouk , Vice Chairman of the Executive Council of the Lebanese Hezbollah, said the suicide bombings witnessed by Jeddah and Qatif and Medina , Saudi Arabia prove an error in the classification of the terrorist party.
Quoted Lebanese News Agency on the tongue Kaouk as saying: " The Saudi regime has committed a strategic mistake when he wanted to mislead the nation and provides Hezbollah as a threat of a terrorist threatens to Arabs and Muslims ... suicide attacks itself in Jeddah and Qatif and Medina prove wrong the Saudi regime for terrorism labels."
He Kaouk , saying: "Is Hezbollah threat to Saudi security , or that the takfiri terrorism is a threat. The Saudi regime 's demands after the bombings that hit him reconsider policies and classifications and lineups that Tnesb hostility to the resistance so that the point of the struggle against the terrorist threat takfiri which provides a strategic service to Israel. "
He Kaouk, saying: " The irony that the extremist groups who blew up in Beirut and Hermel, Bekaa, abducted and massacred the military and still occupy Jarrod Arsal and Ras Baalbek are the al - Qaeda branch in Lebanon, Syria and the Front victory, and Front victory is fighting today the Saudi arms .. How long will remain the Saudi regime supports arming Front the victory in Syria , which is that serial killers slaughtered military still occupies our land in the Bekaa? "
He concluded by saying Kaouk said: " The continuation of the Saudi regime in supporting and arming Front victory poses a real threat to the national security of the Lebanese, what does it mean to the Saudi regime rejects the suicide bombings in Saudi Arabia and supported by Syria."