Turkmen Front calls for politicians to postpone the ministerial differences cab to another time

July 10, 2016 19:46
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Turkmen Front demanded political blocs to postpone the differences and the issue of ministerial cabin to another time pending the enactment of all important laws in the parliament.

The MP said the front Arshad Salhi told I followed news agency Buratha today, "While we affirm the Council of Ministers and MPs stay away from the issues raised by the legislative recess, and speed up the holding of comprehensive session after the resolution of the judiciary meetings of the Council and if nothing had happened and we have to go in important laws and legislation as well as the security file, especially our victories and Mark largest of Fallujah, a liberalization of Nineveh. "

He called the political blocs to "postpone the differences and the issue of ministerial cabin to another time to first talk about the legislation and laws to maintain security and speed up the return of displaced persons to their areas."

The Federal Court had decided at its last meeting, on June, to consider the appeal submitted Bgelsta meetings, the House of Representatives in April, Irrelevance in sessions that have been in them dismiss parliament speaker Salim al-Jubouri and exempt ministers and the appointment of replacements for them.

The House of Representatives to raise the 31 of last May, its exceptional to the next legislative term.