Masum al-Jubouri, calling for action to prevent "Daash" excitement "sedition"

July 10, 2016 19:58
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Student president of the Republic and the parliament Fuad Masum, Saleem al-Jubouri, Sunday, to take measures to defeat al "Daash" designed to stir up "sectarian sedition" and hit national unity plans security measures, as the two sides called for the resumption of the House of Representatives sessions starting next Tuesday.

She said the presidency in a statement news agency Buratha received a copy of it, that infallible "met in Baghdad Sunday morning, House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, and discussed with him the political and security developments in emphasis was placed on the return of the House of Representatives to resume its meetings regular starting from next Tuesday."

She added that "The meeting stressed the seriousness of the criminal terrorist bombings that recently took place in the Karrada district of Baghdad and the attack on the shrine of Mr. Mohammed in the district of the southern province of Salahuddin country and have killed and injured a large number of innocent civilians," indicating that the two sides "affirmed unnecessary to take all security measures appropriate to defeat the terrorist gangs Daash aimed at stirring sectarian strife and cause the killing of civilians and destruction of their property plans. "

She continued that "has invited political and social forces as well as the government and the security forces to close ranks and unite in order to thwart terrorist plans to strike the national unity which registered a strong presence in supporting our armed forces to achieve victories illustrious recent series against terrorism, in particular the liberalization of Fallujah base Qayyarah and elsewhere wide in the provinces of Anbar, Salahuddin, Nineveh and it sparked solidarity and appreciation of the international community. "

It is scheduled that the House of Representatives held its first session of the third legislative term on Tuesday, while the meeting will discuss the implications of suicide bombing last week Karrada district of central Baghdad.