To detail the efforts to overthrow the "Abadi" and al-Shahristani, a substitute for it

10/7/2016, 13:46

BAGHDAD / Sky Press

Political source revealed early Sunday, for the pursuit of higher education minister Hussein al-Shahristani, to oust Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and install himself as his replacement.

The source said in an interview with "Sky Press," that "the Minister of Higher Education and the start of the recent visit a number of countries, particularly Iran and Lebanon for obtaining international support," noting that "the latter seeks to visit Saudi Arabia in the coming days to polish his image among all parties."

The source added that "al-Shahristani sought in secret to overthrow Balebadi particularly the latter, and has recently lost a large part of his popularity in particular with regard to the maintenance of security and the eradication of corruption," stressing that "al-Shahristani always refers to being a son of the reference bar and he was deserving of the post of prime minister from al-Abadi."

And it demanded the MP for Bader's parliamentary bloc Charter Hamedi, Saturday, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to "recognize Ptgosairh and resign" from his position on the background of the recent security breaches, as considered dismissals carried out by al-Abadi "inadequate", called for the trial was the cause of those violations.

It revealed the Badr Organization, on Sunday, that the Secretary General Hadi al-Amiri leads mobility between Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and interior minister resigned Mohammed Ghaban aim of the latter to convince change his mind, and while confirming its adherence to the post of interior minister, pointed out that the movement of this will be resolved during the current week.