It detected 17 cases of administrative corruption and waste in the internal financial circles

10/7/2016, 14:48

BAGHDAD / Sky Press:

Revealed the Office of Inspector General of the Interior Ministry on Sunday for monitoring 17 cases of administrative and financial corruption in the joints of the ministry and departments in the provinces, with the exception of the capital Baghdad.

A statement of the ministry received "Sky Press" that "Angels provincial inspection of the Directorate of the Office of the Inspector General of the ministry carried out 17 activities Tvicaa and an audit on the joints of the circuits ministry in the provinces resulted in the many cases of financial and administrative corruption were distributed between job exploitation and waste of money and public theft, bribery, neglect and extortion discovery embezzlement and concealment of material. "

He added that the offices and committees inspection Baghdad Directorate I have a number of irregularities and recommended addressing them and approached the relevant authorities to be processed in the future and take the necessary process in question. Among other things, it has noted, the loss of materials and other holidays without taking legal action in question and disbursement of funds livelihood Bossullac other irregular and Exchange unlawfully.

The statement continued that the committee also indicated the presence of Mubariz crime is not registered, papers and boards investigative late and non-deduction amounts absences and sanctions, as well as monitoring of cases of exaggeration in purchase prices compared to materials of local market prices and exchange of fuels and oils for wheels idle.

He noted the ministry statement that a detachment belonging to the Office of the Inspector General of the Interior Ministry was able to arrest the officer to achieve the rank of lieutenant and Commissioner corrupt delicto meeting extradition of a person identity tethered in a case registered in the town police station of the Directorate of Police of Dhi Qar, "pointing to" ratify their statements fundamentalist and their arrest in accordance with Article 307 BC. G and refer their case to the investigations Integrity Office.