Housing Fund announces loan disbursement to the beneficiaries mechanism

Views 37 Date 10/07/2016 - 23:34

Economy News / Baghdad ...

Housing Fund announced, on Sunday, for the disbursement of loans to the beneficiaries mechanism.

He said assistant general manager of the fund Hussein threshold in a statement "the economy News" received a copy of it, that "the mechanism includes go beneficial to the investor and the residential complex are contracted with the investor and then enter on the website of the Fund, financing (IQ) and enters the information and fill out the form."

The statement added, "then pulls Form Fund and reviewing, and signed by the notary in the box arrived on credit (promissory note) and the support of the sponsor of the applicant circle, and this completes all the conditions."

And between, "then out of a technical committee of the residential complex and confirmed the existence of a housing unit, then we call the ratio of 40% and go to the investor and after receipt of property is guaranteed exchange the 60% other."

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