Deputy reveal a "Committee of cadres" mission security centers divided by blocs and parties

It revealed a member of the Legal Committee of Alia Nassif, Sunday, the existence of a committee called "Committee for cadres , " based on the division of job security centers by mass and the party, pointing out that this mechanism are led to those results "disastrous" security situation.

Nassif said in an interview, said that "the security and defense committee held meetings and sent a letter to the Presidency of the executive branch, including an end to the cases of sale positions and quotas with respect to leaders security to end the security deterioration , " pointing out that " the blood of the holy sites that must be respected by all ".

It Nassif that "there is a committee called the committee cadres divide the job security centers , according to the block party , " pointing out that "these things with respect to the said Committee or selling security positions and overlap between those positions and politics are led to such disastrous results in the security situation."

She stressed the importance of Nassif, " the dimensions of the security file on the political side and not to sell security positions and scramble them, especially those that are in a critical and commercial areas."