Iranian official to the wise: America planned to keep Daash seven years in Iraq


Revealed the Secretary of the Supreme Council for National Security Ali Shamkhani, Sunday, that the United States planned to keep the organization "Daash" criminal seven years in Iraq, noting that the Iraqi people 's ability aborted through the elimination of regulation in cities dominated by, as he emphasized the possibility of repeating the experience of liberation of Fallujah in Mosul.

The news agency "Tasnim" for Shamkhani as saying during a meeting with al - Hakim, said that "America and some of its allies who had painted the plan takes 7 years to confront terrorism in Syria and Iraq in order to justify their presence in the region and their steps that lead to the destabilization which, while proved the people 's ability Iraqi security forces and that it is possible to eliminate Daash quickly depending on local possibilities. "

Shamkhani added that " the Islamic Republic will continue to support the advisory and assistance to the Iraqi and Syrian governments up to ward off the threat of terrorist groups completely from the region."

Park Shamkhani "major Iraqi achievements in the liberation of Fallujah , a city of Conception terrorist groups across the military cooperation of the popular crowd , " stressing that " the internal unity and the adoption of internal energies will be successful experience and reliable in the rest of the war on terrorism and particularly in Mosul."

Secretary of the Supreme Council for National Security said that "suicide operations, bombings blind spot that led to the death of innocent citizens in Iraq at the hands of Daash arising from the wrath of these because of the defeat and that this injustice will backfire on the terrorists , criminals and their leaders."

He stressed hamkhani on " the need to root out the phenomenon of takfiri thought and Aldaasha and spread , " he said , adding " the prominent role of the reference and the Iraqi policies to prevent ethnic and religious differences, praising the restraint and attention to the primacy of the extension of security and restore towns and villages usurped tips"