Daash burn five oil wells near the Qayyarah refinery south of Mosul

A security official said on Sunday that the terrorist Daash burned five oil wells near the Qayyarah refinery south of the city of Mosul , provincial capital of the province of Nineveh.
He told the security official, said the Daash five oil wells burned the night of Eid outside Qayyarah oil refinery south of Mosul, adding that he still clouds of smoke covered the sky of the region to this day.
According to media sources earlier in the day that the oldest Daash terrorist bombings on the main roads leading to the hand Qayyarah south of the city of Mosul, and set on fire in the oil fields to obstruct the progress of the Iraqi forces toward the center.
According to sources , the Daash Fajkh intersections and electricity poles and earth mounds Osna middle of the roads leading to Qayyarah adding that he set fire to the oil fields and the old refinery.
Iraqi government forces and said they recovered on Saturday Qayyarah air base and plans to use it as a platform to launch an attack on the stronghold of Mosul President Anasalr Daash in Iraq.