Three conditions for the Liberal bloc to attend the next session of parliament

Identified Liberal Bloc, Sunday, three conditions to attend the parliamentary session scheduled for next Tuesday, saying it will not attend without realizing the conditions.
The MP for the Bloc Zainab al - Taie in a statement, said that the mass "will move to dismiss the three presidencies in the event of failure to complete the presidencies of both houses of Ministers and the House of Representatives reform process."
Tai added that " the liberal bloc will not attend the parliament session scheduled for next Tuesday," current "presence completion of political reforms and move Change Minister, agents and those with special grades and end positions management proxy."
The House of Representatives will resume, next Tuesday, its part of the third legislative term after the end of the holiday the Council, and the Federal Court to resolve the issue of the dismissal of al - Jubouri, while the dialogues with the Frente Reform boycott of parliament take place in order to persuade her to attend meetings of the Council.