State law calls for the involvement of the crowd to protect Baghdad and warns of "a Saudi conspiracies"

Called State of Law coalition, on Sunday, to involve the popular crowd in protecting Baghdad and hit the sleeper cells of the elements of the "Daash" criminal, as warned of a "conspiracy" led by Saudi Arabia, renewed his call for the closure of the Embassy Riyadh in Baghdad and the "expulsion" of its ambassador Thamer Sabhan.
The MP for the coalition Ibtisam al- Hilali, in a press statement, said that " the security situation will get worse unless it closes the Saudi embassy in Iraq and expel its ambassador , " asserting that "Iraq does not need to terrorist hotbeds."
And carried Hilali Arabia "what Iraq is witnessing in general and Baghdad in particular of the deteriorating security situation , " calling to "involve the popular crowd to protect cities and overthrow conspiracies Saudi Arabia."
She said " the resistance factions and the popular crowd fully prepared to defend the cities of Baghdad and hit the sleeper cells preemptive operations."