Shiite war - brutal Sunni-Khaled Abu al-Kheir

From visiting social networking sites noticed that the relentless war being waged between Shiite and Sunni, used by all of the weapons, including those that do not create or upright with religion.
Attack from both sides is emotional, and targets and symbols of worship and practices, and the more persistently Applicants in the other denomination to broadcast those toxins, hurting the stale, they thought they were victorious. The disaster that what is happening is the name of religion, or more correct doctrine, without Eve wise to that altitude doctrine, any doctrine, rather it is the moral and not using inferior methods such as installing clerics images images animals or sex and other scenes from the mortal sins sprout by the brains of sick , being shipped on the internet to confirm the victory by showing placebo and wickedness discount, without unthinkable that the promoters of these images express Dhaathm them. And that religion or denomination completely innocent. The question that should be asked: Where clerics from both sides of that? Why silent on the attack, "the mob and foolish" and tyranny? Not release so far the initiative to stop the fighting? Is it true that the coexistence between the sects over the centuries, it was just a lie? In my opinion there is someone who pushes in this direction. Those who do so do not cross all of them, but the arms of the devices you want to stoke strife between the sects thought about the patient. And stands at the forefront of this "Iranian intelligence" of interest in fueling the conflict between Sunnis and Shiites, and pass "spewed" and the mandate of the jurist setups, the Arab Shiites account, in its bid to extend the Imperial on the back of the Arabs. What remains will tell us foreigners when they see the facts of this war .. maybe "partly broken pottery" !.