European cleanser: Migrant smugglers are helping refugees to return to Turkey

Close to leave the Balkans through tens of thousands of refugees stranded in Greece, with no place to go. The smugglers, who once earned from the smuggling of migrants deepest in Europe, are now offering a new service: a way back to Turkey. Mahmoud Mahmoud dream lives lived in Germany or France or Sweden. But there is one thing he wants now become after spending four months as a refugee in Greece: to come out of Europe. Mahmoud crawling through the jungles of reeds and forests along the Greek-Turkish border; where mosquito biting his face and sweating sweat from his forehead, overspread his arms and scratches caused by thorns signs, and his shoes covered in mud. Once night fell, the incision Mahmoud, 37, his way along the railway line from the station in the town of Oauristaada Greek border, in the direction of Turkey, while a Tunisian immigrant smuggler guide him to the road. He was accompanied by his sister, Salma, aged 23, and his brother Yilmaz, aged 11 years. And at the edge of town, they changed their destination into the field, and hid in a hole Mtuaren for Greek police officers, and fought through the swamp. By this time, he became able to hear the trickling Mahmoud Evros River water flowing along the Turkish-Greek border. And it used his mobile phone to illuminate the road while reaching out to catch his sister's hand. Mahmoud says: "Salma, cohesive. Toil to get there almost. We have become almost in Turkey." A long period of time, under a flood of refugees flowing in one direction -mn Turkey via Greece, the Balkans and into central and northern Europe. But now, after having been closed in the EU member state after the other borders, many immigrants have become stuck. In Greece, it is expected about 60,000 people seeking political asylum to travel to the north. Some of them have already begun to return to Turkey willingly -besbb frustration and despair. Decline refugees European asylum policy failed to appear. The European Union for those who are trapped in Greece did not provide adequate protection. And shove those who decide to return to Turkey on their way across the border with the help of smugglers, because it is not established any legal way. Greek police officers estimated that between 30 and 40 refugees crossed the Evros River every day into Turkey in recent weeks. Many of these parents are from Syria were living in Germany, was not to allow their wives and children to join them. The German government has made it more difficult for refugees to send the request of their families earlier this year. "Sweetie, I'm going back." Massoud Mahmoud; skinny man with curly hair and tired eyes, the work of a truck driver in the Kurdish city of Qamishli in northeastern Syria. Shortly after the outbreak of the war, he fled with his two sons and his wife to the coastal southern Turkish city of Mersin. There he found a job in a construction company and is Rizk and his wife, another son. And wanted to settle in Mersin waiting to put the raging war ended, but life in Turkey has become unbearable for the Kurds' he says. The Turkish government has expanded its campaign against Kurdish separatists in the cities and towns in the southeast of the country. Since winter, it caused the military attacks in the region in the deaths of hundreds of civilians. In late March, the European Union and Turkey reached an agreement to stop the flow of migrants who travel across the Aegean Sea to Europe. But Mahmoud was able to a few weeks ago to ride a rubber boat with his sister Selma little brother Yilmaz from the Turkish city of Izmir. In the beginning, they wanted to go to the Aspos and from there to Germany, from where Mahmoud plans to send in the request for his wife and newborn son once they arrived. But what he did not know is that Macedonia had already closed the border in the north to the Balkans. Like many others, Mahmoud commented in Aadomina, the village located on the Greek Macedonian border. The head of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, Aadomina described as "a disgrace to the countries of the European Union." About 14,000 migrants have lived there for months in tents starving and Etjamdoon too cold, and where the police suppressed and crushed uprisings protest with batons and tear gas. In late May, the government has to vacate the camp and moved to Mahmoud "Harrah's Hotel," a camp set up in a parking lot at the inn a few kilometers outside Aadomina. Most immigrants do not apply applied for asylum in Greece itself. The conditions of the refugees there are unhappy, especially after years of economic downturn due to the financial crisis. Usually they wait for Refugees for months, often for years, before they can apply for asylum, and where the Greek government puts them in an industrial barracks on the outskirts of cities, often without water or electricity. Mahmoud in "Harrah's Hotel" remained for several weeks. Use a flat piece of cardboard Kfrah Fund, but the rats crawled on his legs and screaming children, the sick Ovsda him sleep. The European Commission announced last fall that it would withdraw from Greece and Italy 160,000 refugees and are Ptozaahm the European Union. But those who have been resettled so far does not exceed a few hundred, according to. Mahmoud says: "I thought that Europe respects human rights, but life in Greece is worse than Turkey. At least there is work in Turkey." When he called his wife in early June, he wept. It was difficult for him to give up the hope to live in Germany, where they thought that his family could live a life of security and freedom. But it is now known that Europe is not going to help him. He told his wife over the phone: "Sweetie, I am returning to Mersin." Stuck in Greece As part of his deal with Ankara, the European Union worked to deport immigrants from the Greek islands and return them to Turkey. As for the refugees who had arrived in Greece before reaching an agreement, there is hardly any legal channels for their return. Mahmoud and his two brothers have spent the last thing they had the money and boarded a taxi from the Macedonian Greek border to Thessaloniki. From there, followed by train to the city of Alexandroupolis on the Greek-Turkish border.
For a long time, Alexandroupolis were not present on the radar immigrants at all. The Athens closed the road from Turkey over the Evros River in 2012, which began after the majority of asylum seekers arriving by boat across the Aegean Sea. But returning refugees to Turkey are now using Olexandobolis as a transit station, because the Greek and Turkish police patrols at sea are more assertive of the land border. Thus, the train station in Alexandroupolis became a gathering of stuck and frustrated point. On a wet day of June, the number of refugees waiting to return to Turkey. Syria, one of whom a pregnant woman ran away from the misery of the camp in Athens. An orphan of a Syrian "Harrah's Hotel", and a nurse from Damascus had spent months in a camp in Bavaria as he waited join his wife and daughter to him from Turkey. He said: "Germany can not force me to live without my family." Mahmoud arrived in Alexandroupolis on a morning. Smuggler approached him at the train station, and claimed that he could give him a ride he and his two brothers into Turkey through the Evros River and Oauristaada. Smugglers Turks kept a firm grip on the human smuggling trade in the region. They employ refugees in Turkey and Greece to help them in recruiting new customers. Gangster money has earned a long time ago from the smuggling of migrants into Europe, but it has become now offers services in the opposite direction, too, in for $ 885 a person, smugglers trying to return refugees from Alexandroupolis to Istanbul -lknhm not always succeed at that. The sun was already embarked on Sunrise when he arrived Mahmoud and his two brothers to the border. Mahmoud and breathes with difficulty: There is an old wound in the stomach since he was wounded in Syria still hurts. And forcing himself to continue the road, but when he comes out of the jungle hears a voice commanded: "Stop!" And it turns to find the Greek police officers may Otabqgua it quickly. And raising his hands in the air while standing his sister and little brother to him afraid. In the meantime, the getaway disappears into the woods. Police officers arrest the three Syrians. And it gives Mahmoud guards at Oauristaada personal data. After identifying a getaway from a picture on the phone, let him leave. Greece is not in the interest of the arrest of immigrants who try to return to Turkey. In the afternoon, Mahmoud consult with his two brothers at the train station in Oauristaada. He plans to return to the "Harrah's Hotel." He does not know another place to go to. By this time, exhausted all his savings. He says: "For us, Greece constitute a prison."