Parliamentary Services attributes the spread of waste for lack of funds and lack of control
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attributed to the parliamentary commission services on Saturday, the phenomenon of the proliferation of waste in the provinces and cities to the lack of financial allocations, and the absence of municipal and service control.
Said committee member Mohammed al - Masoudi told all of Iraq [where] that " the lack of special lifting waste of financial allocations that do not clog the public needs as well as lack of control and lack of seriousness and dedication to work has led to the spread of this phenomenon extensively , " pointing out that " the financial allocations were development of the regions of the provinces of the budget and it was cut off because of the circumstance of austerity now. "
He called on local governments to" use modern technology in the recycling of waste through the import of machinery for this matter. "
complains citizens of the proliferation of waste in many areas , despite the effort to play the Municipality of Baghdad and circles service in the provinces.
announced the Municipality of Baghdad on the seventeenth of April , for the formation of an emergency effort to carry out cleaning and upgrading waste from areas within boycotted the municipalities of Karrada and Karkh center after the Lebanese Company ceased its functions under the pretext of not receiving their financial dues.