Parliamentary Energy: gas exports will contribute to the improvement of imports and fill part of the budget deficit

Published in: 20:47, July 9, 2016

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Said the Energy Committee member of the parliamentary Kaveh Mohammad, said on Saturday that the export of Iraqi gas to overseas media will contribute to the improvement of Iraq's oil imports.
Said Mohamed, said that "the diversification of sources of imports within the reforms carried out by them is very important investment and export of gas to the outside as well as the government to invest internally in power stations."

He added that "this crisis is costing us money especially with the huge drop in oil prices, not to mention the wars we fight against terrorist Daash gangs", adding that "the sale of gas will fill part of the Iraqi budget deficit."

He noted "the presence of other minerals rich in Iraq and it must plan to invest and diversify the economy in Iraq and lift the financial imports to meet the shortfall in the budget of the fortune-teller" .anthy