Parliamentary Integrity Committee recognizes Abadi Authority corrupted files from the director of the defense arm

Baghdad Opinion Policy
A commission from the Parliamentary Integrity delivered a number of Department of Defense corrupt files included files "arming the ministry" to the Integrity Commission and the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, director.
He said the Committee's decision Friday Bahadli "been sent over the issue of corruption {} to the prime minister's office to brief them and be on the lookout for the Commission's work, especially the Ministry of Defence files from corruption and clear waste of public money".
"I have sent a lot of files to the Integrity Commission on {} armament director, as well as to the prime minister," noting that "the two files of these files I gave him his own hands when meeting with the Parliamentary Integrity almost three months ago."
He noted the Committee's decision that "the Commission has worked since the beginning of this third election cycle and even old issues in the previous session were dug out a lot of files and investigate them, have completed our investigation and sent to the Integrity Commission," noting that "we finished what legally and constitutionally Bzmtna."
He explained that "we're not body integrity and achieve and we have investigators and teams investigative, but we are 17 seats with some legal advisers have completed all matters relating to existing files were sent to the Integrity Commission and sent more than cases to the public prosecution," noting, "I am the rapporteur personally when a letter from the Commission the competent authorities refer to the Prime Minister's Office, for the attention of these files and the work of the Commission. "
He said the decision of the Committee that "what some sites reported by the Integrity Committee blackmailed officials, this talk is unfounded and we will hold those who accuse the Commission before the courts, since there is no evidence and there is no such novels Committee has 100% fair." Ended