Grief was the feast

Omani poet laments Karrada in the Eid al - Fitr

Poet Aqeel professor who - Sohar - Oman

1. holiday destination dreams Stketbna
Mchaara purity of grief begins

2. Because I Zia Spirit in the wrench
Nourish'd which elaborated the wound and dusk

3. O feast Rhafqa come ask me
For tearful had watered his breath anxiety

4. Anne pumped the minimum I see us
Istazb blending until he almost burned

5. has now addicted to this I preached
Tinta paste of loss O commented

6. sadness dwelt pulse and rhyme
Aashgueni in existence, and hath burned

7. pulsed who was glued to friends up
Okhalh sky sadness cleave

8. O Hair grief Aashgueni
Hraiaa embrace of a painful loss

9. PG take me in and I Kluti
Oaagher tears either betrayed the rain

10. spiritual prayers in their eye Bsagt
I said I love visions trust

11. I am a quarry Damat Orqubhm
Crescents in the space of Spirit me Bsagoa

12. like I came from the purity Omahhm
Doahm and groans emanating from over

13. Okellma paint Damat me home
Of the cherub meets anticipates loss