Ithawi: the return of more than 30 thousand families of gray and efforts for the reconstruction of the city

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A spokesman for the crowd Ithawi clan GSN, Saturday, the return of more than 30 thousand families of tidal gray, indicating the presence of significant efforts and efforts to rebuild the city. He Ithawi, L / balance News /, that "there is a great effort made by the central and local governments in Anbar province, to create appropriate humanitarian conditions for the return of displaced persons, which is a big responsibility to the concerned authorities," noting that "returns the parents and the reconstruction of the cities needs international support Big". He called donor countries, to "accelerate the launch of aid to the province of Anbar, and especially Ramadi city center, the fact that it contains a large proportion of the destruction and needs a significant financial support for the reconstruction of government and service organizations." He pointed to Ithawi, "the return of more than 30 thousand families to the center of the city of Ramadi," explaining that "families continue to return, and the next days will witness a big comeback for the people." Weschler to be Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Haider al-Abadi announced on January 28, 2015, edit city of Ramadi, capital of Anbar province in full control of the organization "Daash" .anthy From: Inam Amaury