Unprecedented numbers of pilgrims during Ramadan this year

Mecca has seen in the month of Ramadan this year, the transfer of more than 33,600,000 pilgrims, flown about 2 million vehicles to and from the Grand Mosque to increase the number of passengers amounted to 26 percent from last year.
A statement issued by the Department of Public Relations and Media in the Emirate of Makkah region that has been monitoring a marked increase in the number of vehicles and passengers for the same period of Ramadan last year, reaching the number of vehicles transported in 1436 year, some 1.7 million vehicles, and the number of passengers more than 26 million passengers this year, up by 21% in the vehicle and 26% in the number of passengers.

The statement added that more than 8 million passengers from Ajyad refineries transfer mediated by 945 thousand vehicles, while the transfer of more than four million pilgrims and visitors from the door of the yard through 671 thousand vehicles, and the King Abdul Aziz Gate station was moved two million passengers mediated 500 thousand vehicle, while Jarwal station has 206 thousand vehicles carried more than one million pilgrims and visitors, and then Jabal al-Kaaba station that the transfer of which 40 thousand passengers, the station Ajyad more than 522 thousand passengers, the station people Amer 13 million passengers, and finally, more than a million transfer passengers of the proceeds Bakhsh station.