Ghaban denies charges of Ebadi: I have not issued a statement to clarify resign

Twilight News / denied the interior minister resigned Mohammed Ghabban, on Friday, charged to the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi about the bombing of Karrada, noting that the charges contained in the statement attributed to him are baseless did not issue it.
He Ghaban office said in a statement responded to the Twilight News, said that "some of the media and social networking sites deliberated words attributed to the interior minister resigned Mohammed Salem Al Ghabban entitled to clarify the circumstances and motives of the resignation," noting that he "did not come from Ghaban such as this so-called clarification." He added that "those who want to see the merits of resignation and its causes please refer to the press Conference (OIC) which announced the resignation on the fifth of July present the details." The statement was attributed to Ghaban may stating that Abadi "twisting the facts to link the bombing of the reasons for his resignation Karrada district to blame the Minister of the Interior." According to the announcement Ghaban at the press conference, the reason for his resignation is due to the presence of interference in the powers and the intersections between the security services. The source close to the prime minister, has revealed that two-Abadi agreed to resign from his post before Ghaban.