Media military cell: 80 martyrs and injured in suicide attack in the country suicide

Harbi said media cell, on Friday, the death of 30 citizens and injuring 50 others outcome of the suicide attacks on the shrine of Mr. Mohamed Ibn Imam Ali al-Hadi (peace be upon them), in Balad in Salahuddin province.
It said the cell in a statement, received by the agency Nun, news reporting, a copy of it, "targeted Daash gangs terrorist shrine of Mr. Mohammed bin Imam Hadi (peace be upon him) in the country in Salahuddin province mortar, followed by a suicide attack by three terrorists and when they arrived at the outer door of the shrine of Al-Sharif has been opened fire ".
Cell and he said, "the impact of two suicide bombers blew themselves up on the market next to the shrine was the third killing of terror and dismantle the explosive belt, the process has resulted in the martyrdom of 30 martyrs and 50 wounded, and still military units conducting inspections in the starting place mortars."
She stressed the cell, that "the bombers did not enter the shrine to Sharif and has offensive tackle in the vicinity of the shrine and cause burning in the shops and markets and the situation is under control completely."
Cell and indicated he was transferred martyrs and wounded of the citizens to Alm_i_viac, as was the fire that broke out in shops and markets after the terrorist attack on the shrine put down.
He was placed security source, said earlier on Friday, for the three suicide bombers blew themselves up at the shrine, "Mr. Mohamed" gates in an attack by five suicide bombers targeted the shrine, spend the country, south of Salahuddin province, while stressing the control of security forces on the security situation after the end of the attack, suicide bombers killed two others.