The crowd: These documents prove financing Tareq al - Hashemi to Daash

Noon sentenced to death Tareq al-Hashemi on receipts "handouts" an al Daash, the Authority announced the popular crowd in the name of Iraq.
According to the body site published pictures of receipts stamped Daash and logo found at sites in Fallujah after regaining control of the city, the organization Hashimi Mall operations in the city in large amounts. The charity says that the documents belonging to the so-called "house money" of the Daash.
Hashemi, who was required by the Iraqi judiciary on charges of terrorism and taken from the Ankara-based for several years, sending money "to the US dollar and the Iraqi dinar once again," as the crowd location.
The photos show published by the body Hashemi name in the left side of each, which arrived, and the amount of "charity" who disagreed with a different history, was once $ 50 thousand, and 118 thousand dollars in the form of another arrived.