Mp Messaoudi: there are insiders want to provoke sectarian strife and delay release the connector

ibnnews2 July 07, 2016Iraq News, latest news, headlines, politician0


Block mp Mohammed Ali al-Masudi to internal and external agendas are trying to shuffle and directing media towards fomenting sectarianism to reduce the size of the security forces and the popular crowd victories and minimize losses of ISIS in the ground.

He said in a statement Thursday, the transmission network (IBN) that "there's internal contacts will benefit directly and indirectly from the sectarian sedition in Iraq and returning to sectarian box thus delaying resolving the edit file connector especially after disclosing specific names involved in the diversion plan edited ISIS."

"There are important steps the Federal Government and the Foreign Ministry and Parliament itself in case there should be a genuine security and stability in the country, notably the end all of offending national symbols and the Iraqi people and replace a number of security chiefs and uncover those involved in terrorist operations and achieving social justice and the Elimination of unemployment, which is one of the gates of terrorism."