Parliamentary Integrity: the new legislative term will not pass safely on corrupt officials
History Tahrir:: 2016/7/7 11:50 117 times mqrwh

{Baghdad} Euphrates News confirmed the Integrity Commission, member of the parliamentary Adel Nouri said "the new legislative term will not pass safely on corrupt officials and those who looted the country's resources.

He said Nuri told {Euphrates News} on Thursday , "We will review Bmelvi armament and explosives detectors which were Glgahma political orders because there are officials who were behind bringing expose corrupt explosives to Iraq devices."

He added that " the British courts have spoken in this regard and the Iraqi judiciary acquitted the criminals before the eyes Executive authorities did not see senior corrupt behind bars obtain their just punishment.

" Stressing that "serious follow - up is the only guarantee for the resolution of these files."

He continued saying , "We are now at the beginning of a new legislative season and we will follow up these files in all seriousness and professionalism to extinguish the anger of the Iraqi street than these corrupt."

It is said that the House of Representatives its meeting held on Tuesday of next week after the end of the legislative recess after the resolution of the Federal Court 's decision not to invoke Bgelsta parliament on 14 and 26 April for changing presidency of the parliament and the ministerial amendment , which was then on the Council of Representatives and the disruption of his work in the adoption of important laws revealed Alvesad.anthy