The Pentagon plans to accelerate the pace of the attack on Daash against the backdrop of the Karrada bombing

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[Where - Baghdad]

Announced the US Department of Defense [Pentagon] that the explosion, which killed, Sunday, dozens of martyrs in the Karrada district of central Baghdad, will be paid to accelerating the pace of its attack on the organization Daash in Syria and Iraq, but it will not change its strategy in the international coalition against terrorists.

A spokesman for the Department of Defense, the US, Peter Cook in a press statement seen by all of Iraq [where] he said that "Washington and Gen. Sean MacFarland, who leads the international coalition forces in Baghdad are on close contact with the Iraqi government after the massacre, but there is no scheme to send more US troops to Iraq. "

Cook said that "tighten the screws on the organization Daash would undermine its ability to carry out attacks in Baghdad or other parts of the world."

It is noteworthy that the Hntn sent special forces and additional military advisers to Iraq, so many American elements in Iraq exceeded four thousand.

The suicide car bomb exploded in the late hours of last Saturday night's Karrada district have killed and wounded dozens of civilians as well as the burning of a number of shops near the scene and cars.

And adopted Daash terrorist gangs claimed responsibility for the suicide bombing.