Documents .. Tareq al - Hashemi "endorsing" his money at Daash

07/06/2016 20:11

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BAGHDAD / Babylon 24 / .. showed documents found after the liberation of Fallujah from the control Daash, providing former Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi, Zakat amounts to regulate Daash, described in one of the documents as "struggling."

She described the documents obtained / Babylon 24 / copy them and carried the body Lugo popular crowd, which adopted the diffusion, al-Hashemi as "The Mujahid brother Tariq Ahmed Bakr al-Hashemi."

According to the documents, a Hashemite amounts donated 50,000 dollars and 118,000 dollars and another $ 50,000, to be the sum of the amounts, according to all three receipts, 218,000 dollars.

And all of this money went for "zakat mandate of Fallujah, the center" of the organization Daash Fund.

It is said that Interpol, lifted last month, Tareq al-Hashemi name from the list, after it announced that charges against Zdh not meet the full evidence, as it had previously accused the article of four terrorism in Iraq, and sentenced him to death on the background of terrorist operations accused implementation, and left immediately afterwards to Turkey, a country that hosted so far.