Daash poses own currency in the subject areas under his control

By Azad Jmakari 18 hours ago
Roudao- Erbil

Informed sources said, that the "Islamic state", Daash, the instrument of its own Maadinh currency, recently launched in the city of Mosul market, which was dominated by the summer of 2014.

The source added that "currency posed a dinars doubtful of 21 carat gold and a weight of 25.4 grams, explaining that the value equivalent to US $ 140 and 187,000 Iraqi dinars."

In this regard, he said economic expert, Khurshid Alica, network Roudao media, said that "the use Daash of gold, silver, rather than focusing on the banknotes Ndrthma Their loss and the lack of value is the repetition of economic theory, a well-known Keynesian theory."

He added, Alica, that "gold coin to Daash trading is a kind of imposition of authority, sovereignty, legitimacy, the people in the control regions, namely the attempt to impose Daash state on the world, and international institutions.

He pointed out that "Daash need large quantities of pure gold instrument of its currency, which would be one of the obstacles to the continuation of peace gold coin of the organization."

He explained an economist, he "turned the organization into the new currency trading in major stock markets in Mosul, the most important door Sinjar Stock Exchange, Stock Exchange door Serail."

And on how successful Daash to put this currency in the markets, he said that "the gold dinar, despite the gold value, but it is doomed to failure, because it does not derive its strength from a strong economy, and transparent manner based on social justice, economic, and public acceptance to him,

Stressing that "the economy Daash financier of the war economy, and taking advantage of the tax, and taking advantage of the suffering of the people, and looting of underground resources, especially oil in the control areas."

He continued by saying, "The economic influence of Daash began to shrink after the big defeats that right by the peshmerga forces, and the forces of democracy Syria air support from the international coalition, and will have a significant impact on the new currency."