Are consistent with the EFCC Act and Economic Reforms
News source: Ali Salman
Section: Economic page
July 4, 2016 11:14 am

With the rising importance of the transition to a market economy and reliance on the private sector as an essential factor for the advancement of Economics, headed the House of representatives to vote on amending the law of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce of Iraq during the current legislative term to its importance in achieving the objectives that correspond to government reforms.

According to walastthmaralniabih economy Committee Chairman Jawad Al-bulani, the new election mechanisms include alterations and cancellation of some previous help hinder the work of the Union, as well as nomination and put his instructions and how to support and promote steps that contribute to the development of the private sector in the country.

The Parliamentary Committee last month held a workshop to discuss the second amendment of the EFCC Act (43) of 1989, which was attended by the President of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce gafralhamdani and his entourage and representatives of the private sector. For more than a million and 100, 000 residents work in internal and external trade.

Boolean asserted that law after its amendments would be sedated and meets the ambitious merchant, will serve the citizen who relies on his life fully on this sector who believes his clothing, food and other services and life matters.

EFCC works on organization and development of business competence and enhance the role of this activity in the process of economic development. For his part, the Economist called iam_ronoc to simplify procedures for registering companies.

Shimmari told reporters stressed the need to include this amendment point (simplification of procedures) with the aim of improving the Iraqi economy for the better development of trade relations and the promotion of the private sector which is one of the most important current development poles, urging the Government to speed up reform document application for side