Nassif demanding "diplomatic revolution" affect Saudi Arabia's ambassador in Baghdad

Twilight News / demanded MP Alia Nassif reform front, on Wednesday, Prime Minister and Foreign Minister to carry out diplomatic revolution involves changing the ambassadors and representatives of the Iraqi diplomatic missions abroad and the ambassadors of some countries in Iraq, led by the Saudi ambassador.
Nassif said in a statement responded to the Twilight News, said that "most of the world sympathized with Iraq after the bombing of Karrada criminal and expressed condolences for this tragedy painful because they had seen this massacre through the media." She added that this "makes us wonder about the role of our ambassadors and diplomatic missions in the transfer of the true picture what is happening to the Iraqi people over the past years and why most of them failed to gain international sympathy with Iraq." She Nassif, saying, "It is true that the fight against terrorism, internal, but part of our battle requires parking the international community with Iraq, nor the international community stands with us unless we transfer the true picture what is happening to the Iraqi people from killing and booby-trapping and crimes of unspeakable affront to humanity. Today, we are paying the price for lack of absence of strong diplomacy that reach our voice to the world. "
Nassif said that "many of the ambassadors and representatives of diplomatic missions are either partisan persons representing the agendas of their parties only, or Baathists linked to the former regime, or hold the nationality of the country that were sent to him and to live their lives as if they are not Iraqis mainly those last to speak in the name of Iraq, and this explains the reasons the weakness and failure of our diplomacy. "
She pointed out that "What is needed today from the Iraqi Foreign Ministry to diplomatic revolution involves changing a lot of these items, along with changing some who are ambassadors of the countries in Baghdad, the first of them the Saudi ambassador." According to the Iraqi MP "it thus will be able to make the international community stands seriously with us in our fight against terrorism and in solidarity with us already and not just statements of condolence and condemnation."