National Alliance emphasizes the importance of the actions taken by Abadi and calls to uncover the circumstances of the crime of Karrada
Tuesday July 5, 2016
Alsumaria News / Baghdad
, said the coalition of national , on Tuesday, on the importance of the actions taken by the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi on the bombing of Karrada, calling to uncover the circumstances of this crime, as demanded deployment of cameras in sensitive places and entrances to the capital and other provinces. The alliance said in a statement received Alsumaria News, a copy of "hearts filled with sorrow and pain with great infected staggering Balvadjah that hit our people in Iraq, especially our people in the Karrada steadfast after being targeted in a terrorist act left holds all the meanings of cheese, inhuman crime by criminals Daash infidel gangs stepdaughter Israel, and war criminals of the killers of the people, and the enemies of Islam, mourns the National Alliance , the martyrs of the young people, women, children, and men who Tdharjawa blood on the ground Karrada sad , "calling on the Iraqi people to" more patience, resistance, and continue the jihad against the numbers of Islam, Iraq and humanity. "
He called the alliance 's security forces and the popular crowd to "prosecute the enemy everywhere, and revenge for the blood of the innocent, the oppressed, and cleanse the land of Iraq from Orjashm, and protect the people of their heinous crimes", stressing the importance of " the actions taken by the commander of the armed forces." He said the alliance on the importance of "uncover the circumstances of a horrible crime, and the rhythm of comeuppance criminals, and hold negligent performance of duty greater accountability , " pointing out that "the Iraqis unite, mobilize energies to the prosecution of sleeper cells, and the hotbeds of terrorism in all parts of Iraq, and the definition of Palmhbohen, and organized crime, detection for any terrorist action to Oodh before it happens by the security forces. " He called the coalition of the international community in general, and the countries of the region , especially to" cooperation to crack down on terrorism and drain its resources, and to ward off its roots, and the eradication of its elements deployed in various countries around the world, and the Arab States, the Islamic private to stand by the Iraqi people in their ordeal, and the fight against the hotbeds of terrorism and prevent terrorists flow, and extremist groups, and the fight against atonement schools, and the heads of sectarian strife, and warmongers , "calling on the government to" take care of the families of martyrs of special care, and ease the grief and suffering, and shall treat the wounded as soon as, and to compensate those affected by this dastardly act. " he stressed that" the security forces take precautions, and caution, and put deterrent security plans, and focus on the intelligence effort, and the use of the citizens, and the deployment of cameras in sensitive places, and the entrances to the capital, and the rest of the provinces, and to consider the all stated priorities of non-postponement. " Baghdad has seen in the early hours of Sunday morning (July 3, 2016), dozens of people were killed or wounded, a suicide bombing carried out by driving a car bomb in the Karrada district of central Baghdad, according to the security committee of the Baghdad Provincial Council . 8%AA/ar