Sadr calls for a pause "serious and fast" about the targeting of the Prophet's Mosque

Alsumaria News / Baghdad
, said the cleric Moqtada al - Sadr on Tuesday that Saudi Arabia began to "bear the brunt of terrorism , " calling on Muslims to pause "serious and fast" over the bombing of the Prophet 's Mosque on Monday, while Saudi Arabia called for a review of its position from Yemen as soon as possible possible. Sadr said in response to a question on the stretch of "terrorism" and the targeting of the Holy Mosque, according to a statement his office had received Alsumaria News copy of it, "this incident (target Haram) , if anything shows that the thought Aldoaash in particular and terrorism in general , targeting Islam but Syed Islam and Salam Mohammed bin Abdullah his spiritual redemption. "

He said al- Sadr, that " the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia began to bear the brunt of terrorism , it should , given evident in the terrorists who were inside the corridors and outside the government, tried and even expulsion from the whole joints to ward off terror her and the world , and the survival of the holy sites is safe , it is not only for them but for the whole world." He called on the leader of the Sadrist , to "serious and quick pause about the bombing of the Prophet 's mosque , " and urged Saudi Arabia to "review its position from Yemen as soon as possible and pour Gel concerned with the general issue of terrorism and occupation." It is noteworthy that four security personnel were killed and five others, on Monday ( July 4, 2016), a suicide bomber blew himself up near the Prophet 's mosque in Medina , Saudi Arabia, according to the Saudi Interior Ministry.