Daash executed six of its elements after the death of Deputy Minister of War in Mosul

Twilight News / source from within the city of Mosul said on Tuesday aggressively regulate Daash terrorist execution of six of its elements after the vice minister of war killed in regulation.
The source said the Twilight News, said that "the security committees to Daash executed six of its elements after Tsribem information on the presence of the most important leaders in the city of Mosul." The source added that "the organization has campaigned for the arrest of the elements after the death of the so-called Deputy Minister of War called (on behalf of Mohammed Ahmed Sultan Albjara), accompanied named military commander (Hatem al-Hamdani, a student) in a raid to fly the international coalition in the city of Mosul." The source said that "terrorist gangs Daash the change headquarters sites and imposed security measures for the movement of its leaders in the city for fear of being targeted by airline Air Force and the international coalition." A spokesman for the US Department of Defense (Pentagon) had said earlier this month that an air strike by the coalition led by the United States forces killed deputy minister of war and military leader of the Islamic state organized near the Iraqi city of Mosul on June 25.
Spokesman Peter Cook in a statement that the raid had killed as Mohammed Ahmed Sultan Albjara deputy minister of war, who was supervisor of the control of Mosul in 2014