Iraq confirms the safety of all Matmrah of the bombing of the Prophet's Mosque

Twilight News / upper body of the Hajj and Umrah confirmed on Tuesday that the safety of all Iraqi pilgrims from the terrorist incident that took place in the surroundings of Medina the Prophet's Mosque.
A spokesman for the Authority Hassan Fahad Al-Kanani said in a statement responded to the Twilight News, said that "all Iraqi pilgrims in Medina are in good health and there is no injury or deaths among them, because of the terrorist incident, which on Monday took place in the vicinity of the Prophet's Mosque." He pointed out that "the body was on the continuous follow up with the committee in the Holy Land after the accident, and the court is satisfied on the safety of all Iraqis who are pilgrims in this holy city, and now they are continuing to perform the rituals of the visit." There were three suicide bombings in Saudi Arabia, on Monday evening, one of them near the security headquarters at the Prophet's Mosque, the other two near a mosque in Qatif eastern Saudi Arabia.