Iraq condemns the terrorist attack on the sanctity of the Prophet "Y"

Iraqi Foreign Ministry strongly condemned the terrorist attacks on the shrine of the Prophet "Y".
A spokesman for the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ahmed Gamal said in a statement on Tuesday, the Iraqi transmitter network received (IBN) a copy of it, "The ministry strongly condemns the terrorist attacks on the Prophet's Mosque in Medina, a local mosque in the Saudi eastern city of Qatif." She added that "such heinous crimes against the holy sites and places of worship, mosques showing deflection and abnormalities of thought which afford gangs Takfiri Kdaash and other extremist organizations, also confirms that the intellectual incubator which provided platforms for the imams of atonement and preachers incitement is responsible for the violation of the sanctity of the shrine of the Prophet Muhammad," p. "It is to be addressed and eliminated."