Chihod condemns bombing of Karrada and demanding the expulsion of the Saudi ambassador from Iraq

MP said in front of reform Mohammed Chihod that the terrorist bombings in Karrada market waterfall reflect the brutal and barbaric terrorist Daash and cowardice and treachery against innocent after the victories of our army and our police and Holy mobilized after the blows made by the Iraqi aviation on the convoy Aldaasha. He Chihod in a statement on Tuesday, received the Iraqi transmitter Network (IBN) a copy of it, he was "at a time when offer our condolences to the families of martyrs and called the Lord Almighty to Itagmayorm His mercy and a speedy recovery to the injured condemn these bombings ask the government to expel the Ambassador of the Kingdom of terrorism Sabhan and reconsider plans security and the distribution of the responsibility of the security services on the cutouts as we demand the prime minister to sign the death sentences issued against the terrorists. "