Mounting thick smoke after the explosion

Hezbollah and Houthis condemn the Saudi bombings

Roudao - ErbilCondemned Hezbollah in Lebanon, and the Houthis in Yemen, suicide bombings surrounding the mosque of the Prophet in Medina and one of the mosques in the region of Qatif region on Monday evening.
The party said in a statement, "These bombings that targeted the most sacred places in the Land of the Two Holy Mosques, on the holiest times in the last days of the holy month of Ramadan, is another sign of contempt for the terrorists all the sanctities of Muslims and all unanimous in respect of days and places, including confirms Anslakhhm for the nation and the true religion. "
He added: "What he has done these terrorists this evening, and what they have done during the last days of heinous crimes in Turkey, Iraq, Bangladesh, Lebanon and others, confirms that this dangerous epidemic is in need of serious and different treatment of political and popular clear and solidarity to eradicate this evil from the root of the tumor."
For his part, said the official spokesman of the group, Mohammed Abdul Salam, in a brief statement on the official page site "Facebook", "we express our full condemnation for each criminal explosions that you get the right of innocent civilians, whether what happened in Turkey and what happened from the criminal bombing of grotesque in Iraq ,. and what happened recently in Qatif in Medina. "
"This extremist ideology, which represents the base and Daash is the same that moves and supports in Yemen, which is the same that moves and wreaking havoc in the area under other addresses."
There were three suicide bombings on three Saudi cities, throughout the day on Monday, one in Jeddah, western Saudi and resulted in the suicide killing, and the second in Medina and resulted in the suicide bomber killed the bomber and four security men, and the third near a mosque in Qatif eastern Saudi Arabia, and resulted in Fallout 3 dead.